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I know how to play the G chord on banjo….. ;)

I mean it’s a PRETTY impressive chord.

Anonymous asked: chest stomach feet??

Are your maternal/parental instincts strong? - I’m not really sure, I mean I hella stand up for people, and hella look after my own, so maybe?

Do you feel confident in your body image?- Sometimes! I mean generally, yes. Are there times where I wish something was a liiiittle bit more attractive? Also yes.

Favorite pair of shoes?- AHHH this used to be a pretty easy answer, but I have an attachment to all of my shoes… Probably my Johnston and Murphy captoe supa-fancy shoes, but I barely get a chance to wear them! Or New Balance 420’s. Or my navy Vans. Too hard.

dayslongerthannights asked: eyes / hands/ fingers !

What is your favorite show to watch? - Hmmmmmm difficult, but probably American Horror Story. Or Daily Show.

Are you an artist/writer? - I can’t really draw or do much visual art besides just screwin’ around, but its fun! And though I haven’t really had the time or energy to write in a while, I really like language n’ stuff. Short stories and poetry I dig.

Do you play an instrument?- :D Lots! Percussion stuffs and banjo and guitar and piano and a few others. Music is really awesome.